Klozur® CR

Klozur® CR is a single, formulated product consisting of alkaline activated Klozur® SP and PermeOx® Ultra engineered calcium peroxide, uniting the strengths of both products to treat contaminant source zones and down-gradient plumes.

Klozur CR is formulated to provide a self-activated persulfate oxidation system which couples chemical oxidation with aerobic and anaerobic bioremediation processes that can last up to one year after application. 

Klozur® CR can be utilized as a combined remedy for the treatment of BTEX, MTBE, PAHs and petroleum hydrocarbons, or as an alkaline activated persulfate system for the destruction of chlorinated solvents and pesticides. As a result, the product can be readily applied to either source areas or plumes with mixed petroleum and chlorinated solvents contamination.

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Key Benefits
  • Self-activating persulfate oxidation
  • Generates powerful sulfate and hydroxyl radicals
  • Rapid in situ chemical oxidation
  • Extended oxygen release for up to one year
  • Enhanced aerobic bioremediation in down gradient plumes
  • No chemicals to mix
  • Chlorinated Solvents
  • Petroleum
  • PAHs

In situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) is the introduction of an oxidant into the subsurface for the purpose of oxidizing contaminants in soil and groundwater. ISCO is ideal for the elimination of contaminant concentrations in source zones and hot spots.

  • Direct push injection
  • Soil blending
  • Direct application in an excavation