Soil & Groundwater Remediation

The soil and groundwater team provides a portfolio of field-proven, sustainable technologies that support remediation for both in situ and ex situ applications.

As a global leader, our success comes directly from our motivation to protect the earth’s resources. That’s why we see all soil and groundwater remediation projects through from start to finish, with a dedicated field support staff collaborating shoulder-to-shoulder with your team to develop remedial designs and solutions that are more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sound.

Our portfolio of proven in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO), in situ chemical reduction (ISCR), and bioremediation technologies promotes rapid and cost-effective treatment of a wide range of organic compounds and heavy metals. Over the years, we have successfully treated millions of liters of groundwater, and more than ten million metric tons of impacted soils, sediments, and industrial process wastes on six continents around the globe.

Service Graphic
In Situ Chemical Oxidation

1. Klozur® SP
2. Klozur® CR

In Situ Chemical Reduction

3. EHC® ISCR Reagent
4. EHC® Liquid Reagent
5. Daramend® Reagent

Aerobic Bioremediation

6. Terramend® Reagent
7. PermeOx® Ultra

Metals Treatment

8. MetaFix® Reagents

8. EHC® Metals Reagent

Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination

9. ELS™ Microemulsion

NAPL Stabilization / Mass Flux Reduction

10. ISGS® Technology