Remediation of Soils Containing Toxaphene by 99.7% with Daramend® Reagent

The application of Daramend® reagent served to reductively dechlorinate and subsequently mineralize chlorinated herbicides and pesticides present in soil at a Former W.R. Grace Chemical Manufacturing Facility. The project was the third in a series of three pilot-scale projects aimed at validating Daramend for use on various chlorinated organic pesticides.

Type of Site

W.R. Grace, a Former Chemical Manufacturing Facility


Charleston, South Carolina

Contaminants Treated

Toxaphene, DDT


Treatment of about 250 tons of soil impacted with various chlorinated pesticides including Toxaphene and DDT was conducted in a covered in situ treatment cell. The treatment process involved multiple cycles of the application of Daramend reagent to a 60 cm thick layer of soil within a treatment area.


The mean concentration of Toxaphene was reduced from 239 mg/kg to 5.1 mg/kg, respectively. The mean concentration of DDT was reduced from 89.7 mg/kg to 16.5 mg/kg. In heavily impacted areas of the treatment cell, the Toxaphene concentration was reduced from 1,600 mg/kg to 11mg/kg after eight treatment cycles, and to 5.1 mg/kg, or a 99.7% reduction, after 12 treatment cycles.