EHC® Reagent PRB for Treatment of Chlorinated Ethenes, Ethanes, and Methanes at a Manufacturing Site in North Carolina

EHC® in situ integrated biological and chemical reduction (ISCR) technology was used to treat chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons (CAHs) safely, rapidly, and effectively at a manufacturing facility.

Type of Site

Manufacturing Facility


North Carolina, USA


The key CAHs found in
 groundwater at the site included 1,1,2,2 TeCA, TCE, and CF, as high as 350, 1,100, and 1,500 ppb respectively. At this site, EHC was modified with carbonyl iron powder and was injected at the site through hydraulic fracturing.


Eleven weeks after injection, concentrations of TeCA, TCE, and CF were reduced by 86%, 98% and 66%, respectively. After approximately 26 months, these compounds in the same well were reduced over 98%.