Update: VigorOx® WWT II Wastewater Disinfection Technology and Viruses

While there are currently no federal or state requirements for virus reduction in municipal wastewater effluents, there is increasing interest in the performance of peracetic acid (PAA) to control viruses in wastewaters. This is, in part, driven by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has stated the development of guidelines for the reduction of viruses in wastewaters is under consideration, but draft guidance has not yet been published. PAA is a well-known biocide1 used for medical device sterilization, hard surface sanitization, direct-contact food disinfection and, more recently, wastewater disinfection.

In this edition of the Disinfection Forum, we’ll share data collected on the inactivation of Coxsackievirus by PAA and sodium hypochlorite as well as a recent peer-reviewed article on the inactivation of murine norovirus by PAA and monochloramine.