Soil Mixing and In Situ Stabilization Using Klozur® Persulfate - Theory, Benefits and Lessons Learned

Please join us on Wednesday, January 25 as Dr. Brant Smith of PeroxyChem, Professor Dan Cassidy of Western Michigan University, and Tom Simpkin and Mike Perlmutter of CH2M introduce strategies using in situ mixing to apply alkaline activated persulfate. The use of in situ mixing to apply activated persulfate has become increasingly popular as it helps to establish contact between the reagents and contamination in lower permeable soils.

Professor Cassidy will discuss key theoretical aspects of using in situ soil mixing to apply activated persulfate, as well as recent innovations and research combining alkaline activated persulfate and in situ stabilization (ISS) into a single application. CH2M will present key benefits, principles and lessons learned from field experience of using in situ mixing of alkaline activated persulfate.

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