Irvine, CA Remediation Workshop - Return on Remediation Investments for TCE Mass Flux Reduction

Please join us for a technical workshop to providing remediation professionals, regulators and responsible parties (RPs) with new TCE (and other chlorinated volatile organic compounds) remediation methodologies to reduce environmental liabilities and increase Return on Remediation Investment (RORI) while moving sites to closure. This methodology is based upon lessons learned from over hundreds of TCE remediation projects across the U.S. using high resolution site characterization, thermal, chemical transformation, bioremediation, and PRB technologies

Presentations Include:

  • "How to improve ISCO performance in source areas" - Dr. Fayaz Lakhwala (Oakland), Stacey Telesz (Irvine), PeroxyChem Environmental Solutions

  • "The role of chemical reduction in source areas and plumes including biogeochemical considerations" - Dr. Alan Seech, PeroxyChem Environmental Solutions

  • “Capitalizing on biogeochemical reactions to support plume MNA strategies" -  Dr. Fayaz Lakhwala (Oakland), Dr. Alan Seech (Irvine), PeroxyChem Environmental Solutions


Irvine Hotel

17900 Jamboree Road

Irvine, CA 92614

Where: Tuesday, March 8th (8am to 3pm)