RemTech Expo

Please join us as we exhibit and present at the 9th RemTech Summit in Farrara Italy, 23-25th of September.

23 September, 11.10 am – 11.20 am

Reduction, Adsorption and Precipitation of Heavy Metals by Elemental Iron, Iron Sulfides, and Related Reactive Minerals - Alberto Leombruni

Session: Innovative reagents for the remediation of contaminated aquifers

Organized by Rajandrea Sethi, Mariachiara Zanetti

Where: Esonda Room, Remtech Ferrara (Italy)


24 September, 2.40pm - 3.00pm

PermeOx® Ultra-Slow Oxygen Releasing Compounds for in situ aerobic bioremediation  - Alberto Leombruni

Session: Aquifers remediation technologies

Organized by Gianni Andreottola, Giovanni Pietro Beretta, Mentore Vaccari

Where: Plenary Room, Remtech Ferrara (Italy)


25 September, 10.30am – 11.30am

New and advanced technologies for enhanced in situ bioremediation for groundwater contaminated with chlorinated solvents: technical considerations - Alberto Leombruni, Mike Mueller, Scott Steffl

Organized by PeroxyChem, LLC

Where: Room A, Remtech Ferrara (Italy)