SiCon 2019

PeroxyChem's soil and groundwater team will be attending and presenting at the SiCon conference in Brescia, Italy held February 12 - 14.

Tuesday 12 February – Session 3 Treatment of contaminated soil

2.20 pm - Integrated remediation for the redevelopment of contaminated sites: the ISCO-SS soil mixing technology // Vito Schifano et al. (Ladurner Bonifiche Srl)

3 pm - Terramend® for Bioremediation of Soil Containing TPH Impacts // Alberto Leombruni, PeroxyChem


Tuesday 12 February – Development of innovative technologies

4.20pm - GeoForm: an innovative biogeochemical Treatment of CVOCs // Alberto Leombruni, PeroxyChem


Wednesday 13 February – Session 5 Treatment of contaminated aquifers

12.20 pm - Full-scale application of EHC® Liquid technology for the ISCR and ERD treatment of an aquifer contaminated with Tetrachloromethane and Chloroform // Alberto Leombruni, PeroxyChem

3 pm – Treatment of a CVOCs and Heavy Metals contaminated aquifer in an active plant in northern Italy // Guido Piepoli,  ASTC