Sicon Contaminated Sites Workshop

Join PeroxyChem as we present at the Sicon Contaminated Sites workshop at the University of Brescia, Italy. This Workshop hosted by the University of Brescia's Environmental Engineering department, and will provide you opportunities to attend presentations from professionals in the sector. The workshop will also provide an overview of the achievements that have been reached in the field.


Febuary 11th

Reduction, Adsorption, Percipitation of Heavy Metals into the Groundwater by means of a Reagent based on Elemental Iron, Iron Sulfide and Mineral Reagents

Riduzione, Adsorbimento, Precipitazione di metalli pesanti in falda mediante un reagente a base di ferro elementare, solfuro di ferro e minerali reattivi

Alberto Leombruni, PH.D., Alan Seech, PH.D., Michael Mueller (Philadelphia, USA)

 Febuary 12th

Field Application of a Microemulsion Based Lecithin ERD Substrate for the Treatment of Aquifers Contaminated with Chlorinated Solvents

Applicazione in campo di una microemulsione a base di lecitina per il trattamento ERD di acquiferi contaminati da solventi clorurati

Alberto Leombruni, PH.D., Alan Seech, PH.D., Michael Mueller (Philadelphia, USA)

Febuary 11-13th, 2016

 The Facility of Engineering, Univeristy of Brescia, Italy