PeroxyChem Aseptic Packaging to Debut at 2014 Aseptipak Conference

PeroxyChem, formerly FMC Aseptic Packaging, announced today that it will participate in Aseptipak Europe 2014 happening June 18 – 19 in Warsaw, Poland.

“We look forward to making our debut as PeroxyChem Aseptic Packaging at Aseptipak 2014,” said Pavel Korzinek, PeroxyChem global segment manager. “Throughout this business transition, we’ve remained committed to our core strength of acting as a specialized solutions provider fully focused on the needs and challenges of our customers. At the same time, we’re continuing to pursue new chemistry and process innovation that will increase packaging efficiency and safety. We look forward to sharing the latest developments from our team and engaging with colleagues about what is on the horizon for the aseptic packaging market in Europe and beyond.”