Revision of the LA Region’s General WDR allows for more PeroxyChem Remediation technologies to be included on the pre-approval list

On September 11, 2014, the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board issued its revised General WDR approving a number of new materials and chemistries used for in situ treatment of soil and groundwater within the jurisdiction.

As a result, PeroxyChem's EHC® ISCR Reagent, EHC Metals, EHC Liquid, ELS™ Amendment, DARAMEND®, Klozur® Activated Persulfate, Klozur CR and PermeOx® Ultra are now among the pre-approved options for remediation of impacted soil and groundwater sites in LA County. 

Click here for the updated chemical reagent list. 

Click here for the direct link to the General WDR R4.

PeroxyChem's Stacey Telesz, Technical Sales Manager, and Dr. Alan Seech, Senior Technology Applications Manager, were members of the LA Water Board's Working Group that provided technical expertise and support to this revision of WDR.