Celebrating Ten Years of EHC ISCR!

March marks two important milestones for PeroxyChem Environmental Solutions – our first month as an independent company and the tenth anniversary of EHC ISCR, an essential part of our portfolio of proven In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO), In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR), bioremediation and stabilization technologies.

Ten years ago this month, environmental scientists at Dames & Moore/URS/Malcolm Pirnie-Chicago began working with researchers and technology originators at Adventus Canada to develop what we’ve come to know as EHC ISCR technology.

Their goal was a fine-grained version of their proprietary Daramend amendment that could be effectively introduced into a subsurface aquifer using direct push injection technology. Laboratory studies evaluated myriad formulations and compositions ultimately yielding EHC – Eh= Redox; C= Compound. The first full-scale EHC field project was implemented in 2005 to treat carbon tetrachloride in groundwater. Performance monitoring over the following 8 years demonstrated that the technology met all objectives.

PeroxyChem’s EHC ISCR technology has been successfully used at thousands of sites throughout the world. Visit peroxychem.com/remediation to read more about EHC implementation in Wellington and at many other sites.

As PeroxyChem we look forward to continuing to develop sustainable technologies that support soil and groundwater remediation.