FMC Corporation Launches PermeOx® Ultra for Enhanced Aerobic Bioremediation

FMC Corp. announced today the launch of the Soil and Groundwater Remediation business’ new product, PermeOx® Ultra, an evolution of FMC’s former product PermeOx® Plus. PermeOx Ultra is a specially formulated grade of calcium peroxide engineered to provide an extended oxygen release profile for enhanced aerobic bioremediation.

Studies have shown that PermeOx Ultra releases more oxygen into the subsurface environment over extended periods as compared to other soil remediation products. Testing for this included extensive analyses of jar (batch) microcosms in water and water saturated soil. Oxygen release was determined by dissolved oxygen measurement and ORP analysis. In addition to determining the amount of oxygen released into the subsurface environment, the study also demonstrated that PermeOx Ultra can continually release oxygen for over 350 days, thus providing a useful and cost-effective tool for enhancing the aerobic bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons and non-halogenated organics.

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