EHC® Reagent for Treatment of TCE DNAPL Source Area at an Industrial Facility in Oregon

As featured in Remediation Journal, EHC® Reagent and KB-1® Bioaugmentation Culture were injected across the highest concentration area from approximately 40 to 112 ft bgs using direct push. Prior to treatment dissolved phase concentrations ranged as high as 592,000 and 90,000 μg/L for TCE and cis-DCE, respectively.

Type of Site



Portland, Oregon USA

Contaminants Treated

Chlorinated Solvents

The following describes the successful full-scale implementation of in situ chemical reduction (ISCR) enhanced bioremediation of a TCE DNAPL source zone. In this demonstration, concentrations of TCE were rapidly reduced to below the maximum contaminant level (MCL) in less than six months following implementation. The results described herein suggest that ISCR-enhanced bioremediation is a viable remedial alternative for chlorinated solvent source zones.