EHC® Reagent for Treatment of TCE in Weathered Bedrock at the Former Atlas Missile Site in Colorado

As featured in Remediation Journal, EHC Reagent was emplaced via hydraulic fracturing into fine-grained sandstone to remediate TCE in groundwater.

Type of Site



Windsor, CO USA

Contaminants Treated

Chlorinated Solvents

Afield pilot test inwhich hydraulic fracturing was used to emplace granular remediation amendment (a mixture of zero-valent iron [ZVI] and organic carbon) into fine-grained sandstone to remediate dissolved trichloroethene (TCE)-contaminated groundwater was performed at a former intercontinental ballistic missile site in Colorado. Hydraulic fracturing was used to enhance the permeability of the aquifer with concurrent emplacement of amendment that facilitates TCE degradation. Two years of subsequent groundwater monitoring demonstrate that amendment addition resulted in development of geochemical conditions favorable to both abiotic and biological TCE degradation, that TCE concentrations were substantially reduced (i.e., greater than 90 percent reduction in TCE mass), and that the primary degradation processes are likely abiotic.