EHC® Treatment of Groundwater Plume Containing Chlorinated Solvents with 99.7% CT Removal

Groundwater at a former manufacturing facility was impacted by chlorinated solvents. EHC®, a biological and chemical reduction (ISCR) technology yielding safe, rapid and effective in situ treatment.

Type of Site

Former Manufacturing Facility; Confidential Client


Southeast United States


Carbon Tetrachloride, trichloroethylene, organochlorinated pesticides


EHC was used to stimulate reductive dechlorination of otherwise persistent organic compounds in the groundwater. A total of 45,000 lbs. of EHC was applied in situ through direct injection to three reactive zones.


After only three-months of EHC application, the CT concentration decreased from 260 ppb to 7.8 ppb (97% removal) without the accumulation of catabolic intermediates. After 6 months 99.7% CT removal was achieved. All values were less than 1 ppb at the six-month sampling, and all VOC treatment goals were met.