Remediation of TPH at a Rail Yard in the Netherlands with Alkaline Activated Klozur® Persulfate Achieves Remedial Goal

The rail yard site in Nijmegen, Netherlands has been subject to contamination via leaks, spills, and filling losses of hydrocarbon fuels over the years. Despite previous remediation attempts there remained residual TPH contamination. Following a successful bench test, a full-scale remotely controlled injection unit was used for implementation of alkaline activated Klozur® persulfate. The reduction of the TPH levels achieved the remedial goals in both the bench and fieldwork.

Type of Site

Rail Yard


Nijmegen, Netherlands


The following describes the successful full-scale implementation of remediation with the use of alkaline activated Klozur. Following a successful bench test, the Klozur treatment was able to meet its remediation goals.