Evaluation of MetaFix Reagent Performance by Two Test Methods on Soils Heavily Contaminated with Arsenic

A lab treatability study was conducted to determine the optimal MetaFix reagent formulation and dosing rate to treat the highly contaminated soil samples with a total arsenic concentration of 21,700 mg/kg.

Type of Site

Former Arsenic Manufacturing Plant





The TCLP and water leaching studies demonstrated significant stabilization effect of the leachable arsenic. MetaFix reagent dosing as low as 2% achieved a 99% stabilization effect, even by the stringent TCLP testing protocol. Water leaching concentrations dropped from 41.6 mg/L to 0.19 mg/L with MetaFix applied at a 2% dosing rate. This meets the entry standard of Class One industrial sold waste landfill, thus, significantly reducing its disposal cost and environmental risk.