Stabilization of Multiple Metals with use of MetaFix® Reagents at an Agricultural Site

A lab treatability study was conducted to determine the optimal MetaFix reagent formulation and dosing rate to treat the four heavy metals of concern: As, Cd, Pb, and Zn.

Type of Site

Former Agricultural Site





The target treatment zone at the site is the top 20 cm soil layer of a 13,340 m2 area with a total volume of 2670 m3. In February of 2015 the site was treated with 1% (wt/wt) MetaFix reagent. The soil was crushed and sieved, then treated in batches by mixing MetaFix product directly into soil using an excavator. Then water was added to close the water holding capacity. The treated soil was ready for inspection sampling after 7-day anaerobic reaction period. The official post-treatment inspection report is not yet available, although according to client’s self-inspection analysis, the stabilization performance is consistent with lab test results and deemed satisfactory.